What is DAism?

DAism is a fundamental platform for DAO's governance and development.

DAism defines DAO as Decentralized Autonomous Organization that follows the principle of "Smart Contract is Law", and is run by Cooperative Engagement, enabled through use of blockchain technology.  A DAO can have it's own specific goals and accordingly conduscive and agile features and mechanisms. 

  1. "Smart Contract is Law"
    Many of us already know that once a smart contract is deployed on Ethereum, it is resistant to external interference, modificatin, deletion, or discontination, and as such is indefeasible in implementation of incoded rules.
    An open source smart contract is transparent. This means that it's inner workings and functionalities can be freely viewed by anyone.
    A DAO smart contract uses code to execute rules and maintain architectures of the DAO.
    A DAO's rules are agreed upon my means of consensus by DAO community members establishe by a poll of community members votes.

    DAism provides a framework of smart contracts that allows a DAO that runs in it to develop its own straegies and rules, make it's decisions and strictly follow them by means of smart contract code. 
  2. Cooperative Engagement
    Cooperative Engagement translates into collective rationality. It has the following two advantages to achieve efficiency, fairness and justice:
    Firstly, for a DAO, 1+1>2 i.e. a DAO's overall interest is greater than the sum of each DAO member's interest.
    Secondly, a DAO internalises Pareto Optimality i.e. a DAO cannot facilitate benefit of a party external to the DAO.

    All DAOs in DAism run and develop based on DAism common consensus. Although each DAO independently builds its own rules based on its own interests and goals, this common consensus drives all DAOs in DAism together make strategies and rules towards cooperative egagement. These strategies and rules will be coded on Ethereum smart contracts for secure execution.
  3. Freely Enjoy All Resources of Blockchain
    Freely Enjoying all resources of blockchain motivates every DAO member to contribute his/her intelligence and maximizes fairness and justice. If a system can realize this it will be what the Ethereum white paper defines Ethereum as: an android of the cryptocurrency world. This is exactly what DAism is pushing for.

    Any DApp can easily and conveniently register on DAism, thus a channel between both side contracts built. Any DAO can freely seach the whole DAism ecosystem for all services and products provided by the DApps that already registered, and use these resources freely.
    Therefore DAism will be the Amazon for all DAOs. In DAism, DAOs will be consumers and DApps will be vendors.  
  4. Different Targets and Various Styles, Agile and Colorful
    A DAO can taget any area or issue from daily life to cultural activities etc. DAOs can have thousands of topics and run in varous styles. 
    DAism will be an open and permissionless platform like Ethereum.

    In DAism anyone can freely construct a DAO for any purpose in any style just like in Ethereum anyone can freely initiate an ICO or in WhatsApp or Wechar anyone can organize a chat group.
  5. Redefine DAO with New Vitality
    Blockchain opens the door to a decentralized world. This decentralized world will have severe frictions with the existing centralized world. DAism will redefine DAO with new vitality, restructure DAO with new DNAs, and make DAO survive through unprecedented headwinds and challenges.  

    On DAism, decisions of a DAO are made by collective intelligence and all actions are executed by censorship-resistant smart contracts on Ethereum. This mechanism can minimize any intereference from the existing centralized world. We believe human intelligence will drive DAO to evolve from conception to reality. 

Above all, DAism aims to be a system that gives birth to, provides resources to, and motivates contributions to DAOs.

Derek Zhou
Co-founder/Architecture Coordinator

DAism Core Team1st Oct, 2019 Derek Zhou周朝晖Cofounder of DAismTung Sau Chun Queena

Hua Zhang
Cofounder/Chief Development Coordinator

DAism Core Team1st Oct, 2019 张华Cofounder of DAismTung Sau Chun Queena

Yuefei Tan
Cofounder/Chief Knowledge Coordinator

DAism Core Team1st Oct, 2019 谭粤飞Cofounder of DAismTung Sau Chun Queena

Queena Tung
Chief Design Coordinator

DAism Core Team1st Oct, 2019 Tung Sau Chun QueenaChief Design Coordinator of DAismTung Sau Chun Queena

Ling Jie
Chief Steward Coordinator

DAism Core Team1st Oct, 2019Tung Sau Chun QueenaChief Steward Coordinator of DAismTung Sau Chun Queena

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If you agree with our philosophy and ambitions, or you have any better solution to enhance DAism, you are warmly welcome to contact us!

Thanks for your attention!

Email: Derek@daism.io

Honorary Members of DAism DAO

We welcome all individuals or organizations to cooperate with us on this aggressive project! We also proudly list the following honorary members of DAism DAO!


BitfwdBitfwd is a community driven venture network, our mission is to bootstrap the cryptoconomy. We run grassroots activities and bring together cypherpunks, Blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, academics and crypto enthusiasts!


Established in 2013, Bitshow is already a leading blockchain company in China. It holds equity of more than 20 blockchain companies such as Jinse Finance, Yangtuo Blockchain, Black Diamond Ratings, UU Pool, IPFS China, Btxiaobai, and Bida Wallet.


IntelliShare is a blockchain-based underlying network protocol ecosystem. It is a fusion technology between Mesh network and blockchain. It has similar small base station and chip product applications, and is another infrastructure network that is parallel to the Internet. It can realize blockchain ecological network, networkless communication, Internet of Things and transportation network more safely and at lower cost.It will reboot a new track with different distributed power models of blockchain: distributed networks .


It advocates the global cooperation of human beings without borders and classes. It is a more efficient and free way of human cooperation. There are essentially two ways of human cooperation, one is dialogue, and the other is to complete each other's trust.
Every communication is for consensus, every collaboration is to create asset accumulation together. Let the assets return to the original way of human cooperation, more efficient and free, this is Field领地!

Download Field领地

LorBook is a popular science education community media that focuses on the development of blockchain technology and its applications, Web3, fintech, and decentralized application development.
It is also the official content publishing platform of Institute of Blockchain.

ClimateORB: Climate Data Cloud Platform

It's a data-driven company utilizing the technology of the Internet of Things, blockchain, third-party APIs, and machine learning to track air quality data, analyze and create forecasts. Using this environmental monitoring data, we can help everyone understand the effects of climate change and visualize results.

World Blockchain Foundation

Founded in year 2016, it's a legal entity registered under the Society's Act 1966 by the Government of Malaysia, allowing it to register members, accept donations and operate in public interests in relation to blockchain technology.